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Red clay has been utilized for its beauty-enhancing properties since the beginning of time. The color of the clay comes from the presence of a high concentration of iron oxide. It is naturally abundant in trace elements such as phosphorus and magnesium, which awakens the skin by stimulating microcirculation in the blood vessels.

This mineral is renowned for its ability to revitalize and brighten the complexion, as well as lessen the appearance of redness and alleviate the discomfort produced by irritations. Clay not only absorbs excess sebum but also makes the complexion appear more even and matte as a result. When applied to the scalp, this miraculous ingredient not only has the potential to benefit your skin, but it also has the ability to give your hair back its body, silkiness, and luster.

Clay from the Hawaiian islands is good for washing and purifying the body since it contains a high mineral content and also benefits from the curative properties of ash from volcanic eruptions. Because the clay has balanced pH values, it can help the skin repair while allowing it to keep its healthy, natural glow.

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