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Our mission

To combine the history through Ages and the scientific research with nature, to create a natural, multifuncional, effective skincare line.

Guaranteed PURE

It’s natural and organic as it should be. Never contain harsh or toxic ingredients

Completely Cruelty-Free

Making the right purchase choices and being more aware is key

Ingredient Sourcing

Natural ingredients sourced from nature for a healthier you


Hebe, being the daughter of Zeus and Hera, was given the duty of keeping the gods forever young, by being the cupbearer of ambrosia, ( which in Proto-Indo-European translations has been linked to immortality, lifeforce).

In mythology, she is often seen accompanying her father disguised as an eagle.

Thus, where better than in Albania, the land of eagles, and where better than in the heart of it, in Myzeqe, the area of pure farming and biological ingredients could our brand be developed.

Each of the elements is carefully chosen based on purity and effectiveness.


Thus Hebe skincare couldn't have been founded by anyone else than the Albanian born Pamela Tafhasaj with an ambition to translate the power of nature into products.

Born and raised in Albania, she graduated from the Polytechnic University of Tirana with a degree in Mechatronic Engineering. In 2019 Pamela resigned the job, left her family, friends and everything behind to move in United States in America.

In 2020, during her pregnancy, as a detail-oriented person, she found herself researching and over-caring for the ingredients found in every product she was using or purchasing. In March 2021, 2 months after becoming a mother she studied ingredients that could transform her tired skin into a fresh, glowing one. There were hundreds of natural ingredients with powerful benefits that she’d like to combine and create a minimalist skincare line for herself. With no formal training and studying she had to keep all the research as her knowledge. During Pamela’s travel back in Albania, it was a chance meeting with biochemist, Nerta Tushe, that convinced Pamela to create her own skincare brand. Nerta as a certified biochemist with more than 16 years of experience in the field, combined the history through ages and scientific research with nature into perfectly blended formulas.

Every formula is crafted at Biocosm laboratory in Albania.

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“ Amazing product. The results are so transformative in texture and my face feels plump and healthy. Highly recommend! “

Nature's Goodness, Skin's Delight

Beauty Redefined

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